25 Okt 2012

lyralepeintre giveaway

banyak bget yang lgi ngadain giveaway,,,, kali nuy q join giveaway from lyra blog yang kerja ma NARIS INDONESIA,,, 

apa sie NARIS???? brand mana??? punya produk apa aj cie???
nie info yang q dpet dari fanpagenya,,,

Based in Japan, Naris Cosmetics has been manufacturing and distributing cosmetics since 1932. Today, our products are marketed globally from the united States of America to Russia, and from China to Indonesia.

Throughout its history, Naris Cosmetics has continued to bring out pioneering products by utilizing our understanding of creativity, combined with technological expertise.

The name “Naris” is derived from the English word “nourish.” Our insignia design is based on the lily, exemplifying gentleness and receptivity. Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of creativity and technological expertise. Our aim is to keep creating opportunities for positive interactions with our customers, while continuing in our quest for the true essence of beauty.

klo pada mau ikutan klik disini,,,, caranya juga gampang,,,, tapi buruan coalnya cuma sampai 29 oktober doank,,,,,,,

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